3 Race Series


Hosted by Judy and Jim McInnes......Empire Farm
184 Hunt Rd Brighton On K0K 1H0 Canada
tel: 613 475 6052 fax: 613 475 6053
email: jimmcinnes@xplornet.com
Web site: www.empirefarm.ca






.............5 BIRD TEAM COST $ 1000 (Canadian funds) plus tax..............this includes PERCH and ENTRY COST...............

All you pay is $200 (Canadian funds) per bird plus Tax

AMERICAN FANCIERS...5 BIRD TEAM....$860 (US funds) Checks made payable to "Jim McInnes"


               ******** 2016 Empire Classic Triple Crown*******

                1) All races will be CLOCKING ORDER.

                2) We  use a TRIPLE CROWN format for our longest three races which will include the following three races, EMPIRE CLASSIC 300 km (180 mile), EMPIRE CLASSIC 500 km (316 mile) & EMPIRE MARATHON 600 km (380 mile). See details below. Distances are approximate and may be altered because of weather conditions at the discretion of Jim McInnes. 

                3)  We will crown a EMPIRE CLASSIC TRIPLE CROWN ACE PIGEON. (See details below)

                4)  There is only one way to enter, a 5 BIRD TEAM ($1000 plus applicable tax on perch fee only). ALL BIRDS on the 5 Bird Team  are eligible for the  Empire Classic 300 & the Empire Classic 500 (Empire Marathon 600 will have a separate entry fee, see below).

*****TOTAL COST of 5 Bird Team entries:

    Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick ...............................................$ 1065 per team

    BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Sask.........................................................$  1025 per team

    USA.............$860  (please send a personal check, in US FUNDS, made payable to "JIM MCINNES")



EMPIRE CLASSIC 300 (180 mile): Based on 981 bird entry.

                   This will be the first of three Triple Crown Races and will be flown on or about SEPT 10, 2016. There is no entry fee for this race, it is included in your 5 Bird entry fee.  We will payout 5 POSITIONS with the following prize money: (Based on 1000 entries total payout $ 4100)

                  1st........$1300     2nd.......$1000     3rd........$800      4th........$600     5th........$400 


 The first 5 positions in this race will receive a Empire Classic, custom made, personalized diploma. The first, second & third bird will receive a Empire Classic medal, engraved with the owners name and band number of the bird.  Exact date of this race will be posted on the Message board one day before race day, you are welcome to view the return of the birds but no "facilities" will be provided. Note: All available birds will be shipped to this race at the discretion of management (Jim McInnes). 


EMPIRE CLASSIC 500 (316 mile): Based on 981bird entry.

                   This is the main money race, all birds available will be shipped to this race. All birds from your 5 Bird Team are eligible for this race, NO ACTIVATION REQUIRED. We will payout 29 positions for this race as follows: Based on 1000 bird entry total payout $ 84,000

1ST........$25,000      2ND.......$15,000        3RD........$10,000        4TH.......$7,000      5TH......$5,000

6TH.......$3,000       7TH.......$2,000         8TH to 15TH......$1000     16TH to 23RD......$750

24TH to 29TH........$500      


The birds in the first 29 positions will receive a Empire Classic, custom made, personalized diploma. The first 3 birds will receive a Empire Classic medal, engraved with the owners name and band number of the bird. 

The EMPIRE CLASSIC 500 will take place near the middle of September, exact date will be determined by Jim McInnes.



In an effort to increase the prize money in our race we are introducing the "High Roller Competition". Right now we are the least expensive entry amongst all One Lofts at $200 total cost per bird, most One Lofts are about $400 per bird (perch & entry). In 2015 we paid out $142,700, we would like to see 2016 payout over $200,000, with the "High Roller" we can do it. Here is how it works, on July 1st you can enter the "High Roller" by selecting one or more High Roller teams and pay $100 per bird (USA price set July 1st) for what ever number of birds you have on your High Roller team as of July 1st, we will have an inventory prior to July 1st. If you enter the "High Roller" you must enter all birds on your "High Roller" team, if you have more than one team you do not have to enter all teams in the High Roller, you can select what ever number of teams you want to be a High roller team, you just cannot pick or choose individual birds from different teams, High Roller entry fees are non refundable. The "High Roller" prize money is paid out at the Empire Classic 500 on a 25% dimensioning bases until the High Roller funds are gone. The High Roller prize money is in addition to the Empire Classic 500 prize money. HIGH ROLLER PRIZE LIST ($7200)....1st  $1800, 2nd $1350, 3rd $1012.50, 4th 759.40, 5th 660.95, 6th $404.30, 7th $303.20, 8th $227.40, 9th $170.55, 10th $127.95, 11th $95.95, 12th $71.95, 13th $54, 14th $50, 15th $50, 16th $50, 17th $11.85


EMPIRE MARATHON 600 (380 mile):

                    This is the third race of the Empire Classic Triple Crown. This race requires a separate entry fee and a minimum of 100 paid entries.  This race will take place 1 to 2 weeks after the Empire Classic 500. You do not have to commit to entering this race until after the Empire Classic 500. There will be a completely separate fee charged for this race which will go toward expenses and prize money.  All 2016 EMPIRE CLASSIC ONE LOFT BIRDS are eligible !


****COST : $125 per bird, includes $25 perch fee (plus applicable tax on perch fee)
with $100 going towards prize payout. Note: HST charged on $25 perch fee only. (USA total cost $115 US funds)

****EMPIRE MARATHON 600 birds will be released by themselves!

****EMPIRE CLASSIC MARATHON PRIZE PAYOUT: 1 prize for every 15 birds entered. For example 195 birds gives 13 prizes. Prize breakdown will be posted  prior to the race.

****Entry money paid for birds entered in the Empire Classic Marathon but not shipped, $100 per bird will be returned to owner. (Shipping of birds at the discretion of Jim McInnes).

****NOTE: The Empire Marathon 600 will only be held if we have at least 100 birds entered.

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL birds will start loft flying and road training shortly after the EMPIRE CLASSIC 500. All birds who have returned from the EMPIRE CLASSIC 500 will be trained whether they are nominated for the EMPIRE MARATHON 600 or not. The only exception will be if your bird is in the first 35 birds home from the Empire Classic 500 and you notify me within 24 hours of the Empire Classic 500 that you want your bird returned to you we will set iyour bird aside and not loft fly or train it, all others will be loft flown and trained whether activated for the Marathon or not. We are not responsible for any EMPIRE CLASSIC 500 birds lost during the preparation for the MARATHON 600 race. 

EMPIRE MARATHON 600 (380 mile) (based on 245 birds): TOTAL PRIZE MONEY:$24,500

1st: $5000   2nd: $4000   3rd: $3000   4th: $2000   5th to 10th: $1000

 11th to 14th: $750   15th to 17th: $500     

****All prize money winning birds will receive a custom made, personalized Empire Classic diploma and the first 3 birds will receive a Empire Marathon medal, engraved with the owners name and band number of the bird.




                                (Based on 981 paid entries)

                    The bird with the lowest combined flying time over the three Triple Crown Races (Empire Classic 300, Empire Classic 500 & Empire Marathon 600) will be crowned the EMPIRE CLASSIC TRIPLE CROWN ACE PIGEON. We will provide prizes for the top 3 birds in the EMPIRE CLASSIC TRIPLE CROWN ACE PIGEON competition as follows:

1st...$5,000   2nd...$3,000   3rd...$2,000  


****The top three EMPIRE TRIPLE CROWN ACE pigeons will receive a EMPIRE medal, engraved with the owners name and band number of the bird as well as a diploma.


NOTE: If we DO NOT have a EMPIRE MARATHON 600 the money set aside (ie $10,000) will instead be distributed to the top birds at the Empire Classic 500 on a 25% dimensioning bases until the money runs out.



Bernie's MASTER BREEDER AWARD: (optional)


When you deliver your 5 bird team to Empire Farm you nominate ONE bird from your team to represent you as a MASTER BREEDER, Canadian fanciers pay $100 (No Taxes), US fanciers pay $85 (US funds) on top of your 5 bird entry fee. How well you chose your bird will be decided at the EMPIRE CLASSIC 500 (clocking order at the EMPIRE CLASSIC 500 only). We will award prizes as follows: 50% of your $100  will be given as a "winner take all" prize, the other 50% will be given out in 10 to 1 prizes (a prize for every 10 birds entered). We have 97 Master Breeder Birds, total $9700, prizes are as follows   1st = $ 4850 plus prize donated by Bernie Bedard......2nd = $1,000  3rd = $ 1,000.......4th = $ 1,000........5th = $ 1,000.......6th = $ 850   Please note, if your Master Breeder bird is lost for any reason it can not be replaced by another Master Breeder bird.

Bernie Bedard has donated (pictured below) a beautiful "wine set" including all necessary equipment to enjoy your wine, all in a rosewood case. This wonderful award goes to the first Master Breeder bird at the Empire Classic 500, thanks bernie.

NEW IN 2016: Along with your 5 bird team, one additional bird, per team, can be sent to us when you deliver your team/teams. You will have to pay the perch fee plus tax for this bird along with your 5 bird team entry, USA fanciers pay $90 (US funds) This bird will then be available as a replacement, up to July 1st if anything happens to one of your birds, if, on July 1st, you have not lost any of your birds then an additional  payment of $100 (USA fanciers pay $85 US funds) will fully activate this bird for further racing. Only activated birds will be kept in the loft after July 1st. We will continue to allow free replacement of any sick birds during the delivery period only (April 1st to June 1st). the advantage of paying the perch fee for an extra bird per team is that the bird is available as a replacement until July 1st and also we do not do an inventory until mid June so we would not be aware of any birds lost off the roof or taken by a hawk etc during the delivery period, we would only be aware of sick birds. Another advantage is for those shipping from across Canada or the USA, it is not convenient and it is expensive to send replacement birds, this way you can just send an extra bird in the box.



                             Please make Canadian cheques payable to "Empire Classic".

                              Please make US checks payable to "Jim McInnes"

CANADIAN BIRD ENTRIES: Empire Classic bird entries from Canadian fanciers can be delivered in person to Empire Farm or can be shipped by WEST JET or Air Canada to TORONTO, ONTARIO Airport.  We will pick up birds at Toronto Airport on Thursday evenings only, please contact Jim McInnes prior to shipping your birds.

ATTENTION AMERICAN FANCIERS!  Simply mail your birds via US POST to our AMERICAN CONTACT, Dale Zehr, in New York (see info below). We will get the vet health permits (no quarantine required) and we will deliver your birds to the Empire Classic Loft. Best of all WE WILL PAY ALL EXPENSES, you just have to get your birds to our AMERICAN CONTACT.

AMERICAN BIRD ENTRIES: Empire Classic bird entries from American fanciers can be delivered by Air or in person or by US Postal Service to:


10632 Jackson Lane

Carthage, NY 13619


tel: 315 771 9081

email: zehrsloft@yahoo.com


Classic birds will be managed by Judy and Jim McInnes. The care, training and management of the Empire Classic birds is at the sole discretion of Jim McInnes.  The TAURIS One Loft electronic timing system will be used for recording training results and for the Empire Classic 300, 500 & Empire Marathon 600 results.  Training flights and all races will be 'LIVE CLOCKING" on our web site with "WIN COMPANION".


Our main means of communication with our Empire Classic participants will be our web site: www.empirefarm.ca  Please check our "MESSAGE BOARD" on a regular bases for ongoing updates. We will provide a MAIL OUT PACKAGE TO EVERY PERSON who has entered the EMPIRE CLASSIC ONE LOFT.

NEW IN 2016: In an effort to help communication between the Empire Classic and our French speaking friends flow more freely we have enlisted the assistance of Bernie Bedard. Bernie can explain our rules, in the French language, to our French speaking participants. Bernie can be reached at 613 487 2649 or via email: bbloft@videotron.ca 

We will post our first inventory mid June.

ALL BIRDS WILL BE RETURNED TO THEIR OWNER AFTER THE EMPIRE MARATHON. NO AUCTION AND NO "BUY BACK FEE".    Fanciers pay shipping expenses only. If a fancier does not want their birds returned other arrangements will be made at the sole discretion of Jim McInnes. Shipping arrangements must be made with Jim McInnes within one week of the birds final race.       

*******PLEASE NOTE: We are a legal, registered business called "EMPIRE CLASSIC". We abide by all Canadian laws, as such, we declare our profits as income and pay income tax on those profits. ALL registered businesses must, by law, collect HST or GST if the business has a GROSS ANNUAL REVENUE of $30,000 or more. Anyone in Canada not collecting HST or GST is breaking the law. After lengthy conversations with Revenue Canada I know exactly what is required of the EMPIRE CLASSIC regarding collecting taxes. Only a few Provinces have switched to HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), Ontario is one of those Provinces, others have kept the old system by not combining the PST (Provincial Sales Tax) and the GST (Goods and Services Tax), Alberta, for example, is one of those Provinces that have kept the Taxes separate. On top of all this the amount of tax, HST, GST and PST may also vary from Province to Province. What does this mean to Empire Classic and you?? Even though our business, EMPIRE CLASSIC resides in Ontario, if birds are sent to me from another Province I must charge the tax that is applicable to that Province. If the bird entry is coming from a Province that has HST (combined GST & PST) I must collect the HST that is applicable to that Province. If the bird entry is coming from a Province that has not establish an HST and has not combined the GST and PST than I charge the GST ONLY. For this reason entries WILL NOT include perch fee taxes since they vary from Province to Province. I also inquired about our entries from America, American entries will pay at the Ontario rate which is HST at 13% on the team perch fee ($500) only. 


Travelers from the west take 401 and exit 497 (The Big Apple), turn south to the village of Colborne and turn east on Hwy 2. Travel 7 km on Hwy 2 to Hunt Rd, turn south on Hunt Rd to 184. Travelers from the east take 401 and exit 509 (Hwy 30), turn south into the village of Brighton and turn west on Hwy 2. Travel 6 km on Hwy 2 to Hunt Rd, turn south on Hunt Rd to 184.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using GPS directions you must use CRAMAHE as the city instead of Brighton.

PLACES to STAY during the CLASSIC:

A variety of accommodations are available for our out of town guest. There are a number of excellent “Bed and Breakfast” establishments as well as a small motel in the immediate area. About ½ hour away are a selection of larger hotels.


 The Empire Classic 300, Empire Classic 500 & Empire Marathon 600 are 2 day races. If there is only one bird home in race time all prize money will go to that bird, two birds split is 60% & 40%, three birds split 50%. 30% & 20%, four birds split 40%, 30%, 20% & 10%, five or more clocked birds will rotate through the remaining prizes until all money is paid out. If there are no birds home in 2 days the prize money will be returned to the race participants at the sole discretion of Jim McInnes.

2) All prize money paid out in Canadian funds !


If all birds are lost for any reason your perch fee ($100 plus applicable taxes per bird) will not be refunded. This includes loss of your birds through health, thief, fire etc or any "Act of God". If the 2016 Empire Classic 300 and  Empire Classic 500 are cancelled for any reason your capitol entry (less perch fee and applicable taxes) payment (without interest) will be returned to you. If we race the EMPIRE CLASSIC 300 but not the EMPIRE CLASSIC 500 a portion of your capitol NET entry cost will be returned to you. The amount of the portion returned will be at the sole discretion of Jim McInnes.


The EMPIRE CLASSIC organizers will settle any disputes that may arise and their decision will be final. The EMPIRE CLASSIC organizers reserve the right to prohibit any individual or group of individuals from participation in the Empire Classic. All birds entered in the Empire Classic One Loft will be considered the property of the person entering the birds, any dispute regarding ownership of the birds must be settled by the person entering the birds and the rightful owner, Empire Classic organizers are not responsible for settling ownership issues. Judy and Jim McInnes, Empire Farm  WILL NOT have birds competing in the EMPIRE CLASSIC ONE LOFT.


Help us make the 11TH Annual EMPIRE CLASSIC a tremendous success!



Your hosts, Judy and Jim McInnes.